Olanimas: Crooning ex-military man excels

SOMETIMES in life, no matter how much you strive to be the proverbial ‘Jack of all trades’, you end-up not having all that you desire.
But even when things do not seem to go your way, trying something else different will always be an exciting adventure that will eventually ignite your dream career.
For Olanimas Jackson Sampson, from pursuing a career as a military officer to being a male nurse and psychosocial counsellor, nothing beats the feeling of performing before an adoring audience.
Born and bred in Lusaka 33 years ago in a family of two, and being the last child, Olanimas’s life was full of dreams which had more ups and downs than a yoyo!
“As a child, I had always had this urge to perform before crowds and when I saw my friend play the piano and getting all the attention at school, I was ecstatic and blown away,” recalled Olanimas.
So, throughout his primary education at Bardie Primary school in Chisamba, Olanimas and his friend, Chinta Chisambo, became the envy of their peers.
Playing a few notes on the piano turned out to be Olanimas’ dream passion and even through to his high school days at St. Pauls’ Boarding School in Kabwe, where the urge to pursue a career in music grew.
Like most kids growing up in urban settings, Olanimas was inspired by the global music icons such as Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and Freddie Jackson, who all went to define music in their own right.
Locally, the former David Kaunda Technical High School pupil relished the music of such legendary figures as Paul Dobson Nyirongo and PK Chisala.
“But after school was over in 1999, exploring my dream career of a recording and performing artiste hit a snag after my father had different ideas for my future,” bemoaned Olanimas.
Instead, the aspiring young wiz-kid found himself treading the grounds of the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) training base where he rose to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant between 2001 and 2005.
Because his passion lay squarely in music, Olanimas quit the military, packed his bags and left the ZAF regalia behind and headed home, nay, straight to the Phoenix Jazz Club.
And having earlier strayed into the club (A.W.O.L.) behind his superiors’ backs at ZAF base, Olanimas took little time to settle with the five-member Phoenix Jazz band that also had Patrick Osagi on trumpet.
But barely after five months, Olanimas was, once again, on the road and this time headed for Gibson and the band which rocked such places as the Brown Frog and Chrismar Hotel.
But when romance took a toll on his career, Olanimas took a whole personal twist as love brewed, probably, for the first time, in his life.
“I was deeply in love with this woman that everything that I tried to do, just could not workout in her absence, So, I relocated to Kitwe and moved in with my sweetheart,” confessed Olanimas.
For seven years, there was truly love in the air that resulted in the two lovebirds producing a daughter named Subilo.
While in Kitwe, Olanimas concentrated on his Information Technology (IT) and Stock Auditing job at Monalisa Restaurant and Take away.
He devoted his free time to recording some of his early works such as Ayaya, the remixed version produced Baska Baska and You Should Have Told Me, a Tony Breezy production.
“I went back to my musical roots because at the time I had enrolled at the Kitwe School of Nursing and ended-up singing before patients in the wards,” Olanimas said.
In just under one year, with his love affair seemingly turning sour, Olanimas was on the move and this time around, leaving behind his daughter and sweetheart.
The on-off-on-off music career was on again, after he briefly worked for the Chelston Health Centre, this time, with the release of his maiden videos.
The videos of Ayaya and You Should Have Told Me have since gone viral with massive reviews on YouTube and Reverbnation, triggering interests from Zero DB band.
Zero DB Band, an Afro-group that fuses some plain-sailing and exciting rhythms, boasts of the likes of multi-talented guitarist and producer Shom –C and Shinko-Beats (vocals), who produced the award-winning song Joana, for Dancehall artiste, Jay Rox.
On October 3, Olanimas will have the rare privilege of sharing the stage at Misty Jazz Café with the United States mega and Grammy award-winning jazz legend Earl Klugh, when he performs with our own revered guitarist, Victor Kasoma. And the beat goes on….
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