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Oh My God!A play by Samuel Kasankha

LIVING upto the promise of regularly staging more plays, Mtangatambeta Arts Promoters, who staged Down the Status Ladder recently, are returning to the Lusaka Playhouse stage with another Samuel Kasankha-written and directed play titled Oh My God.
The play, which will be staged on April 7 and 8, explores the intricate inner struggles some believers experience as they try to balance between strict adherence to Christianity’s moral teachings and the realities of  life that often offer the easy way out for the so-called sinful routes.
“In Oh My God, one of Zambia’s best playwrights and directors Samuel Kasankha is at his usual best giving you 9 out of 10 reasons to be at the Lusaka Playhouse on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th April at 19:30 hours for only K100. The tenth reason why you must watch this show is you don’t want to be told about it!” reads a brief by Mtangatambeta.
According to the synopsis obtained by the Weekend Mail, elder Reagan Chiyeso, a supposed man servant of the Most High God cannot come to terms with the decision by his secret lover of 10 years and usher at church Namakau to terminate the unholy relationship.
While she is resolute that they can no longer live double lives of pretence, and acquire a high level of self-confidence and assurance from biblical scriptures, the man servant struggles to convince himself that it is both necessary and possible for a relationship in which he was as good as married to a second wife to be terminated without emotional and physical injury to both.
Contrary to what he preaches and supposedly believes in, he goes all out to keep the usher under his wraps and perpetuate their adultery.
With Namakau somewhat wary she might suffer material deprivation if she loses the financial support of the man-servant, which way will the balance of this equation tilt-especially when force, intimidation and even blackmail suddenly fall into the bag of options Elder Reagan chooses to use to supress the Usher’s resistance?
Will the “Voice of the Holy Spirit” prevail over the devil’s loud persuasions that the naked reality remains that the two are still in love and one is both emotionally and materially yoked to the other?
The drama play features and award winning actor, writer, director and film maker Henry Joe Sakala and an old hand Martha Banda Siafwa.

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