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Oh, Mr President, you’ve gone too soon!

MY PRESIDENT, how I wish you could listen to the songs of the birds of the land, the Zambian people.
How beautifully they sing! How sad they shout to God for comfort.
My President, the Zambians are singing songs to comfort themselves because you have gone.
They are singing … singing… singing …singing… singing with sadness because you are gone.
Mr President, they are singing but you cannot respond because you are gone and we shall never see you again in this world.
They are singing sorrowful songs that are tearing our hearts apart with sadness.
Oh, Mr President, it’s sad to miss you. Your voice is playing in our hearts.
Your voice, Mr President, was our voice.
It was the people’s voice. We laughed when you cracked jokes and spoke with power.
When you spoke we listened and checked to see we were on the right path.
Oh, my President! It’s sad to hear the news that you’re dead.
No one seems to believe this news. It is sad to learn that you are gone so quickly. It’s so soon to see you crossing over to another land; the Promised Land.
The Land of Love…the Land of Unity…the Land of Worship…the Land of Praise.
Oh, my President, we missed you at the golden jubilee celebrations.
It was nice to see the flag of Zambia being mounted up in the sky. It was nice to see the Zambian flag being hoisted to signify our new hope.
It was nice to see people from all walks of life come in large numbers to celebrate the 50th Independence Day.
Oh, my President, it was nice.  I could see the Zambian people dancing and blowing the vuvuzela, shouting “jubilee! jubilee! jubilee!
Oh, my President, a new Zambia was born with new hope and determination. A new hope that will take us to great heights.
New hope of confidence and love. New hope that will make us more united than before.
Mr President, it was nice to see our old man, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, our beloved KK, walk and wave to the thousands of Zambians.
It was nice to see KK sing the national anthem and encourage the Zambians to work hard.
Mr President, our joy was cut short when we were told that 26 people had died as they were trying to cross Lake Kariba to attend the jubilee celebrations.
Oh, my President, this was sad. Sad indeed! It was sad, Mr President.
Oh, my President, people said that they were sad because you were not around to encourage them on how to go in the next 50 years.
People wept quietly in their hearts because they missed you.
Oh my President. How lovely you were when you walked among us in the corridors of Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, Solwezi and Livingstone.
Mr President, you walked with people from all walks of life. You walked with everyone. You loved your enemies and embraced everyone.
Oh Mr President, your joy, your talk, your love made us look to the future for blessings. You made us dream for a better Zambia.
Oh, Mr President, I remember when you were elected as a President. People celebrated.
Young people walked on the streets shouting “pa bwato”. They were happy because they loved you and your victory was their passion.
Oh, Mr President, you are gone…gone too soon.
You wanted to become President and you made your dream come true. You became President after a long struggle.
Oh, my President, you are gone. Oh, My President, we shall meet at the day of resurrection. May your soul rest in peace.
The author is the president of Zambian Society for Public Administration and Society for Family Business.

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