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Oga Family is officially rural electricity envoys

WHAT looked like a normal evening at Protea Hotel ended in to a happy sight as the expectant audience waited to see the award-winning outfit Organized Family officially ‘baptised’ into ambassadors of Rural Electrification Authority (REA).
The launch which was graced by Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Development Charles Zulu and the chief executive for Rural Electrification Authority Geoffrey Musonda was packed to capacity by people of all walks of life.
Last year, the authority came up with a notion to working with artists and competition was instigated in order to have a corporate jingle that would promote solar energy as an alternative source of electricity in Zambia.
Eighteen artistes who until today are also regarded as winners responded to media advertisement where however catchy-tune singing group Organised Family triumphed over the 17 others. They got away with K15, 000 prize money.
A singing group called Reverb supported Oganised Family to entertain people that included the music producer Ben Blazer who was one of the adjudicators during the REA song competition.
The audience had the privilege to listen and watch the single video before a stage performance could be unleashed.
When all was said and done it was time for the Organised Family to spice up the show as if to prove why they were picked on as eventual winners in that competition .
They first danced to their thematic winning song which vividly brings out typical rural set-up enjoying electricity through solar energy provided by Rural Electrification Authority projects.
Watching or listening to this track, one is enlightened about advantages that heralded the remote areas connected to solar energy away from the current electricity woes urban people are grappling with.