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Ode President Sata, the hero

OUR National flag flying at half-mast and the mood sombre, the country is at pains to accept yet another great loss.
The President and Commander in Chief of the Sovereign Republic of Zambia is no more.
Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, the beloved ‘King Cobra’ is no more and now lies in State.
A man called to God at God’s own time. He answered the creator’s call. A call that none can say no to.
A man willing to fly alone in his political journey where sparrows dared.
A man who would set out on a lone journey but able to attract others to his cause and for the common good.
A man with a strong vision. He was able to sight his victory and the victory of the masses at a distance which the ordinary eye could not see.
A man who had a different outlook on politics and development. He started unlocking the great potential of this nation. We hope and pray that after him others will not shut the door now opening. Let others pick-up from where he has left for the benefit of the cause.
A man who would dare where others fizzled out.
A man shrewd at communication. Frank with everyone but not willing to appease friends and foe.
A man fearless at ease but tactful at work. Able to speak his mind before Monarchs and Presidents where others dared not.
A man persistent at purpose with such unwavering courage swimming upstream but when the tide got strong, never gave up. A hard worker.
A man driven by a deep and strong conviction to achieve his goal. A man not loathing risks where others were risk-averse.
A man not trained in the school of mortar and brick but in the school of life.
An action man who loved to see work done.
A man of the people.
Yes, Mr President, “the time of your departure has dawned. You have fought a good fight and you have finished your course”. The history of this country will not be written without your name and your great strides and achievements.
Adieus Mr President. Go well Comrade, Go well Commander In Chief
You will greatly be missed.
The author is a lecturer in the school of business at the University of Lusaka.

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