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Odavic: Serbian envoy on mission

SOON after Zambia got independence in 1964, Yugoslavia opened an embassy in Lusaka`s Kabulonga area, but before long, Yugoslavia was dissolved resulting in the formation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia consisted of Serbia Montenegro a successor state of Yugoslavia until 2006 when it was again dissolved, leaving Serbia to be a country on its own.The Serbian embassy in Lusaka was constructed between 1974 and 1975. It is headed by the Charge d` Affaires and Special Representative to the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) Vladimir Odavic.
Mr Odavic explains that the breakaway of Serbia from Yugoslavia negatively affected economic and investment cooperation between Zambia and Serbia.
“Our economy in Serbia suffered and most companies which were operating in Zambia by then had to go back because they were not able to maintain their international positions. Some companies survived but most of them had difficulties maintaining the international competition,” Mr Odavic said.
In today’s column, Mr Odavic explains how Serbia has continued its mutual relationship with Zambia and how the two countries hope to enhance bilateral ties.
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