OC younger brother ready to oscillate


UNITED States-based Zambian singer OC’s younger brother, Temwanji Simutowe aka Kute Tay-C, is now set to release his own album this year.Kute Tay-C, who has for some years been partnering with other artistes, feels he is now ripe to take on the music industry and drop his own brand of music.
His first album is likely to have eight songs and he is hoping to release it by December this year.
“If all goes as planned, I plan to release my first album probably in December,” Kute Tay-C, who is based in Kabwe, told the Weekend Mail. “The album will be a mixture of songs in different languages such as Bemba, Nyanja and Swahili.”
Kute Tay-C had a stint as a dancer for MKV who is now a gospel musician going by the name Manasseh.
Around 2008, Kute Tay-C wrote his first song titled Yaliposa and followed it up with Wacha Waseme for his older brother OC the following year.
In 2016, he released a single titled Fwenye Fwenya which he followed up with Chiwokeshepo and Polepole the following year.
His latest song is Chilikale which he released in March.
“I want to do real Zambian music. My songs should be able to teach people a positive message,” he says.
Although he has been in the industry for a decade, he says he did not do enough marketing particularly with his first song. He says it is the reason he decided to join Obama Records and Entertainment where OC is the chief executive officer.
Kute Tay-C says Tanzanian musician Mr Nice is his inspirations in terms of arrangement of songs and videos.

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