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‘Nursing: My passion’


Young & Ambitious:
DESPITE being brought up in a humble environment, Esther Phiri a Grade 11 pupil at Arakan secondary School is determined to break the shackles of poverty when she completes her secondary education.
While her friends are having divided thoughts about which career path to go for, Esther has already settled for nursing.
“Becoming a nurse has been my childhood dream. I would love to contribute in taking care of patients in order to save lives. I feel nurses are very important in as far as saving lives is concerned,” she said.
Esther is alive to the fact that the road to success is not an easy one and she works hard at school to ensure that she does not leave anything to chance. For Esther, every morning which comes draws her closer to her dream.
When she knocks off from school, Esther does some house chores after which she gets a book to study.
“I like studying because I believe it is the key to success, it is the only way which will enable me get good grades to be admitted to university or college,” Esther said.
In her free time, Esther likes solving mathematics so as to develop more interest in the subject. She also loves English, biology and chemistry. Esther enjoys Nshima with fish
The second in a family of four, Esther wants to help her two younger siblings by paying schools fees for them. Education is vital in the life of each and every person, an educated person usually has a lot of opportunities in life,” she said.
Esther also dreams of building a big house for her mother to show appreciation for the sacrifice she has made in her education. She advises other young people to work hard in all their endeavours if they are to succeed.

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