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Nursing my passion – Angela

AT THE age of 15, Angela Mwansa dreams of helping women and children have access to good health care services in Ngabwe district.
Angela, a Grade Seven pupil at Mubachala Primary School and the fourth-born in a family of seven, dreams of becoming a nurse once she completes her education.
“I have seen how women in my area shun accessing health care services and I want to become a nurse so that I can educate them on the importance of mothers and children geting the best medical care they need,” she said.
Angela said it makes her happy that a number of clinics have been constructed in Ngabwe but there is need to have more nurses and it is one of the reasons she wishes to work there.
Angela, who walks about 20 kilometres to her school, said her father, who is a farmer, always encourages her to do well in school so she can have a better life in future.
She added that the distance is sometimes a challenge but she would not let it disadvantage her to get the best education that she needs to succeed in life.
“In my family, there are a few people who are educated and I want to be an example to my young siblings so that they can also get educated,” Angela said.
In her free time, Angela spends time with her younger siblings, doing house chores and sometimes visiting friends in the nearby villages.
She says her favourite subjects are science and mathematics. She adds that science is one subject that has given her interest in health issues.
Angela’s hobbies include visiting new places mostly in Ngabwe, her friends’ villages, cooking, swimming and reading.
She said her parents have advised her to always be a good child and a good example to other children and always respect people older than her.
“Respect is the most important thing that a child needs and they should respect elders as well,” Angela said.
Angela said parents should also teach their children to respect other people and encourage them to get educated.

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