NSCZ GS advert uproar


National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) board has been accused of deliberately trying to employ an under-qualified person as general secretary. NSCZ, which has had no substantive general secretary since 2017, has advertised the position but is seemingly apologetic with the qualifications it is seeking for the office holder.
“While the idea to hire a general secretary for National Sports Council of Zambia is good and long overdue, the job specifications are absolutely below average for a CEO (chief executive officer) of national sports in the country. For a sports organisation of this nature, why should a sports qualification be secondary?” asked Sombwa Musunsa, country director for Play it Forward Zambia, a sport development non-governmental organisation based in Livingstone. Musunsa said the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Art is inadequate in running sport in the country. “Same with the Sports Council. One of the critical issues affecting sport at national level is inadequate and unqualified human resource occupying key strategic positions. A simple human resource audit in the ministry which has a directorate (only Mr Raphael Mulenga, the acting National Sports Council of Zambia general secretary has a direct qualification in sport) and about 15 or so provincial sport coordinators with only two with relevant sport management qualifications,” he said. “Now, if we want to move forward, we need to CLICK TO READ MORE

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