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‘NSCZ to ascertain FAZ AGM legality’


MINISTER of Youth and Sport Vincent Mwale says the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) will ascertain whether the reconvened Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) annual general meeting is illegal or not.
Mwale said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the sports mother body will give guidance on the issue.
“I had a chat with one of the councillors, Mr Simataa Simataa, who has raised issues about the meeting, and I advised him [Simataa] to take the matter to the Sports Council. FAZ is an affiliate of Sports Council, so at this stage I may not come in directly,” he said.
Mwale said the NSCZ would study petitions from councillors that have raised concerns regarding the meeting and would make a ruling soon.
“I believe the National Sports Council of Zambia is capable of dealing with this matter very well. Those that are saying the meeting is illegal should point out the illegalities and we shall comprehensively deal with the matter,” he said.
On Friday, FAZ presidential aspirant Andrew Kamanga appealed to Mwale to take keen interest in the reconvened AGM saying the gathering is illegal because the March meeting in Kabwe was conclusive.
Kamanga said the AGM held at Mulungushi Rock of Authority was conclusive, hence the reconvened meeting has no legal backing.
Last Tuesday, FAZ communications manager Nkweto Tembwe said there is nothing illegal about the reconvened meeting because it is a continuation of the adjourned AGM held in March this year.
The meeting is billed for Government Complex in Lusaka on Saturday.

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