Now Kaladoshas celebrates mothers


REGGAE, dancehall and R&B artiste Kaladoshas (Kalale Masengu) on Wednesday released his latest single titled My Mother’s Tears, which he had promised last month he would do before quitting music.

“Two more songs for 2017, one for my mother and one for my daughter and I close my music career journey. I did my part. To everyone that’s been supporting me, I say thank you and yes we made it,” was Kaladoshas’s brief comment last month which aroused plenty of reactions from his fans.
Many were drawn to conclude that Kaladoshas made the remarks due to some personal issues he was experiencing, some even suggesting that rapper Cleo Ice Queen, who he has a child with, had something to do with the unforeseen decision.
Whatever the case, Kaladoshas has delivered on his word with the release of a moving song dedicated to mothers. Considering the post where he announced the decision to end his music career was taken down, perhaps he has had a change of heart.
His music will tell.
In the song, he is describing his desire to spend another day with his late mother.
It opens with the thoughtful lyrics: “I never called her in the morning. I never told her that I love her. But look now, she’s gone and now I’m looking for another. Mama, can I get another day with you.”
Produced by Shinko Beats, the song also features rapper Tim, the former Zone Fam member who previously went by the stage name Thugga.
As soon as it was posted on Facebook, it evoked the sentiments of his fans with many remarking over its emotive lyrics.
In his personal message after sharing the video of the song on his Facebook page, Kaladoshas said mothers sacrifice their happiness, their time and their lives to see their children happy.
“They go through various troubles just to put food on the table and to see us attain an education, but even through all that pain and struggle, they still manage to give us a smile. I dedicate this song to all the loving mothers both alive and those that have passed on to be with the Lord, in it simply saying that we recognise your sacrifices and we are thankful for your love.”
Recently, Kaladoshas posted a statement on Facebook criticising people for using social media as a vehicle to destroy rather than build others.
He challenged social media users to become more supportive of artistes rather than ride on rumours and negative talk.
My Mother’s Tears makes Kaladoshas’ third single for 2017 after he earlier released ‘So Sorry’ in January and ‘Mr Romantic’ in April, which featured Urban Hype and Jay Rox.


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