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Now Jay Brown cries harassment

MUSICIAN Jay Brown, who is claiming K50,000 from rapper Tommy D for alleged copyright infringement on the song titled ‘Caleb Fundanga’, says he is now facing threats from some unknown people with the latest being last week when he appeared for an interview at Prime TV in Lusaka.
Jay Brown is linking the attack to the letter he wrote to the Zambia Music Copyright and Protection Society (ZAMCOPS) in which he alleged that Tommy D used the idea from his song ‘I Wish’ to produce his hit song ‘Caleb Fundanga’.
“I was invited to do an interview on Prime TV on Mokwana Musical Show to explain more about the K50,000 story. When I was at the reception waiting to be called on set, I saw these guys who came in and started asking who Jay Brown was,” Jay Brown narrated to the Weekend Mail.
“When they continued asking, I stood and asked who they were. The guys started making phone calls saying ‘bakamba [big man] we’ve found Jay Brown’. I didn’t get the response he got but I heard him saying ‘even me with the boys, we can deal with him but send more people’.
“When the guys started threatening me, Mr Nawa, who was in charge of security that day at Prime TV called the security officers for Indeco building and that’s when the group left the building saying ‘we’re going to get you’.
“The management of Prime TV made sure I was safe and was advised to go ahead with the interview live on air. After the interview, I refused to leave the building. I stayed at the station for three hours until my uncle and police came to pick me up.”
Jay Brown says he was advised to lodge in a complaint with police as he waits for a written response from ZAMCOPS.
He also says it is wrong for people to insinuate that he is suing Tommy D to build his name because that is not his motivation.
“I made a name when I was uniting the nation with my hit song ‘We Are One People’ and everyone knows that my other song titled ‘Amai’ is another hit in the making,” he says.
“Even before this issue went to the media, I called Tommy D because I wanted to sort out this matter in the background. But when I called him, his response made me mad and that is when I wrote to ZAMCOPS.”

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