Now, Drimz rides with ‘Chipembele’


ADORED award-winning singer Lota Mandevu, aka Drimz, has released a new single titled Chipembele, loosely translated as ‘Wait for it’.

Drimz or simply Bashi Lota, is renowned for hits such as Ireen Mambilima, Ama Dance Yamulolo and Mpakafye Ubushiku.
His manager David Mukena told the Weekend Mail that Chipembele, produced by Jazzy Boy, is already receiving airplay and fans will simply love it.
Mukena descried the Salt Muli Soupu’s tag liner’s new song as an “inspirational and danceable beat”.
The song also urges ambitious people to have patience, courage and perseverance in line with the adage, ‘Good things come to those who wait’.
“The secret of life my friend is to have patience. That one thing you desire is on its way. So wait for it, even a child crawls before it learns to stand,” the first verse of the song reads.
Mukena says fans are already downloading the song on various social media sites at K1.
Drimz started his professional musical career in 2005 even though he first declared his interest in music in 2003.
Meanwhile, singer CQ Muzukulu, who is also now into screen acting, a fortnight ago released a single titled Bengi on his birthday for his fans.
Just like Ruff Kaida, CQ says he will not be releasing any album soon as he equally feels albums have stopped selling and his other reason is piracy.
“I’m comfortable with just releasing singles. If they can ban the pirated CDs, then piracy levels will be reduced and the hologram will start operating because the hologram is not working, yet we buy it as artistes,” he says.
His new single Bengi features Malik Berry and Caristo Clear and was produced by Kekero and B2 from Billboard Music.
“It talks about love at first sight where you meet someone for the first time and you’re in love with that person, also bearing in mind that a lot of ladies face a lot of heartbreaks. So you feel like, if the person you want to be with gives you a chance, you’ll never leave them,” CQ explains. “So, it’s basically a love song and it has a comic interaction type of thing. I released the song on November 21 as my birthday present to my fans.”
He says the song is a club banger and that is where he drew the inspiration as he wanted to do something which is driven by the production of the beat.
“I’m currently working on new music, but I’m also yet to release a new movie called Piyo, which features Jim Iyke, the Nigerian actor,” he says.

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