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Not our regular floods

STREAMS overflowing with dirty water, flooded yards and muddy paths are what characterises Sau Maplot area in Lusaka.
A person visiting the area for the first time would stop and wonder whether he has arrived on the banks of a burst river bank when welcomed by the site of rushing waters.
Though the area normally dusty during the hot seasons, the terrain changes once the floodgates open.
To carry out their everyday movements, residents resort to wearing gumboots and plastic shoes.
Research has shown that time and again that neighbourhoods prone to floods usually become a breeding area for water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and bilharzia.
Sau Maplot is no exeption, and residents fear floods experienced in the area could be hazardous to their health, exposing them to cholera and other water borne diseases.
In 2017, Zambia experienced an outbreak of cholera, with approximately 5,900 cases and 114 deaths recorded.
Sau Maplot was not exempted from the outbreak as the common sources of water drinking water to the CLICK TO READ MORE