Not on my watch

BEN at his home.

IT WAS around midnight on March 8, 2018 – International Women’s Day – when a blue Audi saloon car pulled up near a Zanaco bank in Lundazi district, dimmed its headlights and its doors flew open.
Seven men jumped out and walked towards the bank’s entrance. Six of the men wore balaclavas, and two carried an automatic weapon each.
It was a perfect script for a bank robbery: arrive at the gate, spray a chemical at the security guard to knock him into a deep sleep, climb to the roof, remove sections and drop into the bank; disarm the alarm system, blow up the vault, get the cash and disappear back into the shadowy night.
There was just one problem. One of the actors had a different script.
One year after the botched bank heist, one man narrates how it all unfolded.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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