Not at their best


NATIONAL team coach Milutin “Micho” Sredojevic says players were not at their best during the few games played after the league resumed because of the trauma they suffered during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Micho said in an interview in Lusaka that the lockdown has been an unpreceded situation that has mentally affected the players and the repercussions were seen during the games.
“We saw in those few matches that our players have not been at their best operation level,” he said. “They have not been themselves.
“You could see that mental torture and trauma has affected them to not be at their best form. From the physical, technical, tactical and most importantly from the mental point, you could see that things have really affected them, this is why we had not seen football up to the standard that we usually see.”
Micho admitted that the premature end of the league has partly affected his plans but he is optimistic the players will catch up and be ready for the competitions when they resume. CLICK TO READ MORE

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