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North-West water should improve supply in Solwezi

Dear editor,
Allow me to express my dismay with North-Western Water and Sewerage company over its failure to supply piped water to the residents of Solwezi in Zambia, Messenger and Chawama compounds for last three months.
In view of the above, residents from Chawama and Zambia have been forced to draw contaminated water for drinking from the nearby stream resulting in water-borne diseases.
Because of water blues in the area, a child drowned in the Solwezi stream as he was attempting to draw water last week.
The residents are appealing to the water utility company to look into this matter seriously before more lives are lost. Water is life!
Recently, the water utility company got a loan from a named bank to upgrade water supply in the area but nothing is happening in terms of improving water supply to the consumers.
Disappointed senior resident,