North-west PF castoffs Chihili decision

THE Patriotic Front (PF) in North-Western Province has said the dissolution of constituency and district committees in Manyinga and Mufumbwe districts by PF chairman Emmanuel Chihili is null and void.
Provincial vice-secretary Charity Mulemena told journalists in Solwezi yesterday that the provincial executive committee (PEC) is not in support of the decision taken by Mr Chihili.
“The provincial executive committee of North-Western Province is not in support of whatever dissolution, disciplinary action Mr Chihili has taken.
We do not support Mr Chihili because as provincial chairman, he should have deliberated with his committee and to make decisions; if there are any disciplinary cases, we needed to agree and then submit the recommendations to the central committee which will make a decision,” Ms Mulemena said.
She accused Mr Chihili of being used by some politicians who want to contest the Kabompo East and Mufumbwe constituencies’ parliamentary seats on the PF ticket to dissolve the committees and appoint officials who will endorse their adoption.
“I think Mr Chihili is being used by I don’t know who which is not right because this time around, we need each and every one;  every vote counts and we need to embrace everyone and bring back those who run away from us,” she said.
Ms Mulemena has urged officials in Manyinga and Mufumbwe districts to continue discharging their duties and concentrate on mobilising the PF ahead of this year’s elections because as things stood now, the dissolution was null and void.
She called on PF members to unite and recruit more members in preparation for the polls to ensure that President Lungu wins convincingly.
Last week, Mr Chihili dissolved the constituency and district structures in Manyinga and Mufumbwe districts for alleged misconduct.

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