North-West in fertiliser surplus

GOVERNMENT has delivered 143,720 bags of D compound fertiliser to North-Western Province under the farmer input support programme for the 2015/2016 farming season.
Provincial senior marketing development officer Dennis Munachusa said in an interview that the province has a surplus of inputs as the region was allocated 131,836 bags of D compound fertiliser.
“For North-Western Province, we had an allocation of 131,836 bags of D compound and so far, we have even received 143,720.  We actually have more than the allocation that we were expecting to receive,” Mr Munachusa said.
He said all the D Compound fertiliser has since been distributed to farmers.
Mr Munachusa also said Government has so far, delivered 112,152 bags of Urea fertiliser to North-Western Province out of 124,776 allocated to the province.
Mr Munachusa also said Government has distributed maize packs, orange maize seed, beans and rice seed to farmers in the province.
“Government has even sent extra packs,” he said.
He, however, said groundnuts, soya beans and sunflower seeds are yet to be delivered due to procurement problems from suppliers.
Mr Munachusa urged farmers in the province to take advantage of the good rainfall pattern in the area and early distribution of inputs to grow enough food to enhance food security in the country.

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