North seizes 300 mukula logs

From KALONDE NYATI in Kasama
OVER 300 logs of the mukula tree have been confiscated in Northern Province because they were illegally harvested.
Government has warned people who are illegally cutting down the mukula tree or being found in pocession of the hardwood will be prosecuted.
Northern Province Permanent Secretary Hlobotha Nkunika said this is the second time the logs are being confiscated after a truck-load was impounded last month.
“The province has witnessed a lot of indiscriminate harvesting of the mukula tree especially in Mpulungu, Mbala and Kaputa and this is a sad development in that we are losing our indigenous trees,” he said.
Mr Nkunika said in an interview yesterday that illegal mukula tree felling is on the increase in the province, adding that the situation was worrying.
Mr Nkunika said the provincial forestry office has intensified patrols in the three affected districts.
He also said Government was working with traditional leaders to curb the vice.
The mukula tree, which is scientifically known as Pterocarpus chrysothrix, is on the verge of extinction because of indiscriminate harvesting due to its high value.

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