Non-traditional exports earn Zambia K2 billion

IMPROVED exports of agricultural products have resulted in Zambia posting an increase in non-traditional exports (NTEs) earnings from about K2.1 billion in January to over K2.2 billion in February.
During the period under review, agricultural products exports increased by 20.5 percent.
Zambia Statistics Agency statistician general Mulenga Musepa said agricultural products accounted for 31.7 percent NTEs in February compared to 26.7 percent recorded in January.
“Export earnings from agricultural products increased by 20.5 percent from K579 million to K697.7 million, with the major commodities being tobacco, partly or wholly stemmed, accounting for 40.4 percent, followed by raw cane sugar at 9.9 percent  and oil-cake and other solid residues of soya-bean at CLICK TO READ MORE

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