No Parking Band pack Taonga

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
WHEN one member of TripAdvisor, an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content, wrote a review on Taonga River Safaris, it was clear that they were looking for much more – a party in fact.
“We enjoyed our evening on this homemade boat. The staff didn’t really interact with us at all and was not a party atmosphere. The braii was tasty and free drinks were nice. There were only maybe 12 of us on the boat which was nice because it was not crowded. Saw tons of hippos which we loved. Beautiful Zambezi is breath-taking. It is nice that this boat was smaller so we could get in close to shore. I liked the local feel of this company. [I] would still recommend. If you want fancy, this is not for you,” the member wrote.
Well, what the member wanted was simply a party atmosphere.
Well, they should have been there last weekend.
The versatile No Parking Band led by Llyod was performing at Taonga, whose speciality is the sunset river cruise with its accompanying drinks and snacks.
But you can always have the drinks and the snacks anytime and anywhere; what was to be enjoyed at Taonga was the music by the No Parking band, which has been in Livingstone the tourist capital for some time now.
There is even a more convincing reason why one should not have missed out on their performance last week – the band is set to pack its bags and leave Livingstone by the end of the month. Music freaks in Livingstone will surely miss one of the most thrilling live bands.
Well, it also seems the band is sad to be leaving Livingstone.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail following its show at Taonga last weekend, band leader Llyod said it was fun performing for both local and international tourists in Livingstone.
“We’re leaving Livingstone this coming monthend. We shall miss Livingstone a lot as it was a great place to perform in,” he said.
Well, the No Parking Band is great.
Weekends will never be the same without the No Parking Band.

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