No money, no street kids


Giving money to children on the streets does not help to rehabilitate them, but rather exposes them to more dangerous environments and harmful behaviours such as drug abuse. Director of St Lawrence Home of Hope Jacek Rakowski urged citizens to refrain from offering and giving money to children begging on the streets, saying the practice encourages them to spend more time in the streets, and further exposes them to dangerous traits such as drug abuse. Brother Rakowski was speaking at the occasion the home received donations in form of school shoes and school supplies such as exercise books for the pupils from Netone. The donated material were worth over K50,000. “I am using this occasion to appeal to all the residents out there, I know it feels like the right thing to do, but let me tell you something, if there was no money on the streets, there would be no street children,” he said. He said while it is true that there are events that happen in a home that could drive children in to the streets, it is not a safe place for them because CLICK TO READ MORE

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