No album this year for Afunika


SELF-TITLED king of new version of kalindula, Afunika, who has consistently released albums almost every two years, says there will not be anything new coming out this year as he is thinking of how to bring back the Zambian sound which he feels has dramatically changed.

“I’m looking at how to come out different because everyone is doing the same thing, like wanting to sound like Nigerians, but I want to contribute to Zambian music,” he said. “I’m not rushing for anything, I’m taking my time to think what I have to do to the industry.”
Afunika’s last album was in 2015, and all things being equal, he should have released his fifth album this year.
He has only recorded five songs for the past two years of which two are still being worked on. But there will not be any rush in releasing an album.
“What’s happening is [that] Zambian artistes are rushing to get there and say this is what is happening, but if you take time to say you’re doing it for your country, then you have to think about what you’re giving out,” he says.
“For me, I’m not going to be a musician forever, I also have to leave it for other artistes but what are they going to find? That’s what I’m fighting for, I don’t want to change tune or anything, I just want to keep it Zambian.
“I’m trying to see where the industry is, I’m trying to bring it back. I want to know what’s happening. I can’t just come out and say I’m going to record an album. I want everyone to realise that they have lost the Zambian sound and should come back.
“I think that’s what real artistes are looking for because we’re not going to sell our music if we’re copying from maybe Nigeria. How will we perform in Nigeria if we’re sounding like them? So, I’ll just be releasing singles.”
Afunika is currently working on releasing a single titled “My Past” which he wants to release together with a video at the end of this month. The video has already been shot and he is just waiting for the editor to add the finishing touches.
So far, Afunika has four albums; Malinso, Wounded Buffalo, Ichimusebo and Isumbu.
“People will say I have gone quiet but all I’m asking for is patience. I’m giving them singles because I don’t want to go [completely] quiet. They have supported me from the start and I don’t want to disappoint them,” he says.

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