Letter to the Editor

Nkoya chiefs spot on

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend the Nkoya Royal Establishment (NRE) for schooling their subjects to never always become wrong cry-babies when they don’t receive development.

I have said more times than once that it is not only Government that is supposed to enhance development in this country but in collaboration with the civic leaders.
Alas, my advice has always never received the in-depth understanding from the electorate and indeed the general populous, until now.
It should be understood that we elect civic leaders to be the pillars of our much needed development in all the constituencies.
Unfortunately, after elections most civic leaders become absentee landlords while enjoying our much-needed meagre resources they get in form of salaries and allowances.
It is for this reason I still blame our civic leaders for not taking the submissions that were made countrywide seriously when submitting for final accent into law by President Lungu prior to the 2016 tripartite elections.
One of the major submissions from that constitution-making process was to have civic leaders domiciled in their wards or constituencies for easy accessibility by the electorate.
But today, we have a lot of our civic leaders living fancy lifestyles away from the suffering majority electorates.
It is for this reason that I concur with the Nkoya Royal Establishment spokesperson when he said development is not only brought about by Government but through a robust and proactive civic leader.
This should serve as a lesson and actually eye-opener for the electorate to desist from choosing civic leaders who do not live in their midst next time there are elections.
Development from the central government is easily accessed and channelled through our civic leaders than any other way.

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