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Nkana’s unplayed game a lesson to FAZ

Dear editor,
FAILING to manage fixtures by the FAZ secretariat has been going on in Zambia for a long time.
Sometimes, it is not just the fixtures the secretariat fails to manage but the appointment of match officials, too.
FAZ should resist the temptation by big clubs deciding when to play their rescheduled games and go to the extent of choosing their opposition.
At a time the Super Division was playing round two matches, just how did FAZ settle to play Nkana and Forest Rangers by bringing forward the fixture billed for the second round?
There seemed to have been a hidden hand from Nkana in choosing Forest as their prey for last Sunday.
I wish to commend Forest for declining to play the fixture. There were three round one matches which were not played due to Nkana, Zanaco and Zesco United’s engagement in continental games.
Why then did FAZ settle for a round 20 fixture as the only one for rescheduling?
FAZ needs to put to a stop this rot which has potential to spoil Zambian football.

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