Nkana fan exchanges blows with Chabinga after mauling

NKANA coach Manfred Chabinga takes on a fan blow for blow. PICTURE: ROBINSON KUNDA

ROBINSON KUNDA, Nkoloma Stadium
IF the energy exhibited by the supporter and the Nkana coaching bench was channelled to the pitch, perhaps the outcome would have been different.
With George Lwandamina confirmed as technical advisor at Prison Leopards, it should have been a good afternoon for Nkana coach Manfred Chabinga, whose position was looking shaky after the former Zesco United trainer was touted as his imminent replacement.
But there was no such joy for Chabinga at Nkoloma Stadium in Lusaka where he endured two beatings – one on the pitch and the other on the touchline. While he could not reply to the beating on the pitch, he made sure that the one on the touchline did not go without retaliation of CLICK TO READ MORE

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