Nkana dare FAZ


NKANA president Everisto Kabila says striker Walter Bwalya will feature in Saturday’s Super Division Week 18 match against Mufulira

Wanderers whether the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) likes it or not.
But FAZ communications manager Desmond Katongo said they will crack the whip if Bwalya is featured on Saturday.
“If they go ahead and use Walter Bwalya then consequences will follow. We wrote to them [Nkana] and they understand Walter’s status,” Katongo said.
Kabila said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that all documents concerning Bwalya have been availed to Football House.
“What else do they want? We have given them the International Transfer Certificate (ITC) after we obtained it from his former club in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The boy has been cleared, so what is FAZ talking about?
“They went further to ask for documents of Walter’s signing from the time he joined Forest from Lubumbashi Sports. What else do they want? They need to let the boy continue with his football career.
“On Monday they requested him to go to Football House to be interviewed but today [yesterday] he is back in Kitwe because no-one attended to him,” Kabila said.
Kabila wondered why Bwalya’s case has attracted attention from Football House when a lot of players are featuring in the league without ITCs.
“What is so special about Walter? Take a survey on a number of local teams, especially these with foreign players, and see how many have ITCs. You will be shocked to find out that many do not have.
“We are going to use Walter on Saturday whether FAZ likes it or not. This issue has affected the team and it needs to be put to rest,” he said.
Last month, former Lusaka Dynamos chief executive officer Simataa Simataa wrote to FAZ alleging that Bwalya was not eligible to play in Zambia because he did not have an ITC.
This prompted Congolese side Lubumbashi Sports to demand a transfer fee from Nkana claiming that Bwalya, who is still registered in DRC under the names Binene Sabwa, was their player.
Lubumbashi threatened to take the matter to FIFA because Bwalya was playing for Nkana illegally as his ITC was still in DRC.
The Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship withdrew Bwalya’s national registration card because it established that the player is from DRC.

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