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Nkana Arts has ‘Husband for Breakfast’

NKANA Kitwe Arts Society (NKAS) was back to theatre business with a two-week run of the Barney Kanjela-written and directed play Husband for Breakfast, which featured award-winning actress Lydia M’hango.
Musician Krummy, of the Kanselele fame, also featured in the production as an actor. However, before the start of the play, he gave out a musical performance. In the play, he performed the role of Captain Solo.
The full cast had “Aunt” Lydia as Mailesi, Patience Kabwata (Pule), Nathan Sinyangwe (Moses Kangwa), Bilama (Sakala) and Godwin Chibanda (Isaiah) while the stage crew had Masiliso Kalaluka and Bwalya Kazungo with NKAS as the producer.
In the play, Isaiah is a poor man who owns literally nothing. Everything in the house is owned by his wife Mailesi including the “brown cow”. At some point, he goes for a drink but unfortunately (or fortunately as it turns out later) runs out of money.
He then tries to sell the house and the brown cow among other things. But there is a problem; everyone knows that all the property in “his” house belongs to his wife.
With that, he sells his wife to Moses Kangwa for K50 just so that he could buy beer since he has nothing else to sell. Everyone in the bar – Pule, Sakala and Captain Solo – witnesses the transaction.
So the following day, Pule, Captain Solo and Sakala go to Mailesi’s house early in the morning so that they could witness the “wedding”. However, Mailesi was not told by Isaiah that she had been sold. But Pule, Captain Solo and Sakala reveal why they are visiting her.
But as far as Moses was concerned, Isaiah was not serious with the transaction. So, he decided to go to Isaiah to collect his K50. However, Isaiah tells him that he has no money.
Then, there is a twist; Mailesi tells Moses that since her husband has no money and has been told that she was sold to him, she is prepared to be his wife.
This, however, infuriates Moses, who does not regard Mailesi to be in his class. To get out of the fix, Moses decides to give most of his property to her. By the time Isaiah is waking up, Pule, Sakala and Captain Solo are long gone.
Mailesi then explains to her husband how she managed to swindle Moses of his wealth and become instantly rich.

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