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Night travel ban SI saves lives

GOVERNMENT is happy that no lives have been lost at night in road traffic accidents since the introduction of Statutory Instrument (SI) 76 of 2016, which has banned night movements of public service vehicles (PSV).
Following a spate of fatal road accidents mainly at night, Government announced that no public service vehicle, passenger or goods alike, would be allowed to operate between 21:00 hours and 05:00hours effective November 27, 2016.
Minister of Transport and Communications Brian Mushimba said the SI followed the increase in PSV accidents, with 55percent of them occurring at night and 45 percent during day time.
Mr Mushimba said in an interview on Thursday that Government is impressed with the motorists’ high level of compliance to the SI.
“From the time the SI banning night travel was introduced, there has been zero accidents in the night and we commend the transporters for adhering to the new rule,” Mr Mushimba said.
He said Government will continue to put in place other measures to curb road carnage, which is a danger to the development of the nation.
Mr Mushimba said Government has introduced several laws to promote road safety such as mandatory car seat and belts for children and 40-kilometre per hour driving limit in residential areas.

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