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Night travel ban saving lives

Dear editor,
EFFECTIVE November 27, 2016 no public service vehicle, whether passenger or goods, was allowed to travel between 21:00 hours to 05:00 hours.
This law is achieving great success.
About 55 percent of deaths happen on the road in the night. So, it was a well-researched policy.
Statutory Instrument number 76 is thus working in saving lives and avoiding needless funerals that happen as a result of tiredness and fatigue on the part of drivers.
This shows that the night was meant by the designer of human physiology and psychology for resting the mind and body. Circumventing that natural ordinance only attracts severe penalties.
It is in our age that self-centred humanity that shows no regard for the sanctity of lives pushes forth the love of money ahead of love of a neighbour.
Any community that gravitates to lawlessness for greedy and selfish reasons suffers extinction.
It becomes self-destructive. It is only by the rule of law, respect for human rights and leadership that humanity can achieve happiness, peace, security, tranquillity and orderliness.