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THE night crawlers have to be a little more shrewd and savvy than their counterparts who work in the day. PICTURE: CHAMBO NG’UNI

Night crawlers of Lusaka’s Kabwata

SOMEWHERE between Kamwala and Chilenje on Chilumbulu Road in Lusaka, when night falls and stars shine from the heavens a very mobile group of women shows up as a matter of course.
Most of the women are either just getting into the peak of their lives or are just getting out of them.
Like stars exist in clusters, the women often band together in neat groups that sporadically split like shooting stars into arrays of targets aimed at people relaxing in bars and those in vehicles waiting for traffic lights go green.
They are women whose lives are better seen in darkness – the way darkness makes us see the stars.
In the darkness that surrounds their lives is the shine of the dexterity with which they close deals at lightning speed and how when day breaks, mouths that could be going hungry have something to eat.
The women move swiftly out of darkness into the light of bars and disappear into darkness on their way to other joints.