‘Ni Sochabe’ with Xrisbryan


AS PROMISED, singer Xrisbryan has continued to release singles with the latest one titled “Ni Sochabe”.
The song talks to those in relationships.
“[It] is an encouragement that comes in form of a song. It talks of how against all odds when people think your relationship is not going anywhere but there you are, maybe it started on a bad note, things didn’t go as people would think a relationship should be, but you are assuring your partner that against all odds, we’ll be together,” Xrisbryan explains.
“It’s an encouragement especially where you see a lot of relationships falling apart, I feel that it’s a song that can help people to hold on, bad times don’t last but tough people survive, so no matter how difficult it can be or how people talk about your relationship, if you’ve got determination, if you can renew your love for them, then you can survive.”
He says the inspiration behind the song is just perseverance especially when it comes to the subject of relationships.
The song was produced by Jay3 under the label OG Music Group. Marie Mfire provided additional instruments.
The “Lyonse Nganakumona” singer says he is not yet ready to release an album but he will continue to release singles.
“Definitely, I have enough material for an album but you don’t just release albums anyhow, there should be marketing strategies that are workable,” he says.
“You can have a good album but with poor marketing, that album may end up flopping, so we’ll see how it goes, but for now, I’m just dropping singles. I’ve been recording for a long time and I feel it’s high time we let the cat out of the bag, it’s time we release some of this music because people have been asking wherever I go.”
Xrisbryan has two albums, “Breakthrough” and “Volcano”.

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