Nguzu rises to instant stardom

FROM left: Anita Munamonga, Mutale Monde and Monde Daka. Right, Nguzu ((Mutale Monde) with his six wives. Standing from left Anita Munamonga, Jermima Phiri, Wanga Zulu, Monde Daka, Lissy Yambayamba and Shakira Phiri (seated).

ZAMBIA’s film industry is slowly but surely growing. The year 2018 will be remembered for a number of Zambian films that hit the screens and captivated viewers locally and beyond the country’s borders.
The premiering of Zuba, considered as the first Zambian telenovella, and Mpali on Multi Choice’s Zambezi Magic channel, has taken Zambian viewers by storm.
While Zuba showcases a mixture of both elite and low-class lifestyles, Mpali depicts the typical ordinary lifestyle of a well-to-do polygamous family that subsists on farming.
Mpali, which premiered on Zambezi Magic in October 2018, is a story centred on a Mr Nguzu, a tycoon married to six women who are ever fighting for his attention.
The soap opera has hit the screens with a bang, capturing the interest of most Zambians that have access to DSTV.
The Frank Sibbuku creation has drawn the attention of many people who don’t want to miss an episode…http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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