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Some NGOs using workshops to promote homosexuality

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to alert the government, the Zambia Police Service, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the general public on the activities of some non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
These NGOs have failed to coerce the government into relaxing its policies and the country’s laws that criminalise homosexuality and its promotion.
They are also aware of the rejection of the so-called gay rights by majority of Zambians because of their destructive effects on family values and morality.
What they are doing now is to organise workshops veiled as ‘anti-gender-based violence, “human rights’ and ‘gender equality’ fora, where they are openly and aggressively promoting homosexuality.
The NGOs are targeting youths and journalists, whom they are enticing with allowances and training opportunities.
I am warning these NGOs that we the citizens of this God-fearing nation are aware of their clandestine promotion of homosexuality under the guise of GBV, gender equality and human rights workshops.
That’s why they have been vehemently resisting legislation that is aimed at promoting transparency in their operations.
But they should not say they were not warned when the Zambian society says enough is enough and start exposing them and their evil schemes to destroy our society!