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N’gombe woman sticks to marriage despite abuse

DESPITE being in an abusive marriage, a woman of Ng’ombe Township pleaded with Lusaka’s Chelstone Local Court to save her marriage.
Ester Changala, 32, told the court that her husband turns her into a punching bag each time they have an argument.
“My husband has also been starving me sexually and he has not been allowing me shave his pubic hair,” she complained.
The matter was presided over by senior court magistrate Hope Mwila and Bertha Zulu in a case in which William Lwembe, 35 sued Ester Changala for divorce.
The duo got married in 2001 and has four children together. He, however, did not pay pride price.
Changala, who has been on a 10-month separation with her husband, told the court that she does not want their marriage to end for the sake of their four children.
“I do not have anywhere to take our four children if our marriage is dissolved,” she said.
And when asked by the court if she received any support from her husband whilst on separation, she said, “He only bought us a bag of mealie-meal, cooking oil and washing paste”.
But Lwembe said problems in their marriage started three years ago but they worsened after his wife deserted him 10 months ago.
“My wife deserted me after she started working. She got her belongings and the children,” he said.
Passing judgment, the claim was dismissed as the duo was not legally married.
“There was no marriage between you because no pride price was paid. You were just co-habiting,” the court said.
The court advised Changala to sue for child support.