NGOCC lauds Alchemy’s mentorship programme

THE Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has commended Alchemy Women in Leadership for introducing a mentorship programme targeting girls aged between 12 and 18 years.
The mentorship programme under the theme ‘I WiL lead foundation’ is aimed at addressing key challenges girls face in completing their education and attaining leadership positions.
Central Province region NGOCC coordinator Pascal Kambafwile said the girls’ mentorship programme is good because it will empower girls with leadership skills that they need for them to progress in their lives.
Mr Kambafwile said this in Kabwe on Monday during the Gender Awareness Training Workshop under Girls’ Economic Empowerment Project (GEEP).
“When a programme like this comes in, girls will have the leadership skill, they are going to have the ability to prove it to their parents that marrying them off is now a law to them. If a girl is told she’s going to be a leader, she is going to keep that vision with her and this is very different if they are not exposed to that,” Mr Kambafwile said.
Mr Kambafwile said the programme will help to reduce early marriages and teenage pregnancies because girls will know what they are supposed to be in life.
He said his organisation will support the programme so that it reaches many parents in rural areas for them to understand the value of education for their children.
“Such programmes are better in the rural areas where people know little about education compared to urban areas where there are few cases where the parents will marry off their children,” he said.
Mr Kambafwile advised that programmes for girls should be introduced in schools so that children should know who they should be from an early age.
“We need to find means and ways of ensuring that the skills and conviction that boys have that push them should also be the same things that should be exposed to girls so that they are able to go on,” Mr Kambafwile said.
He said this will make people who are supporting them and marrying them off to be discouraged and see the value in girls’ education.

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