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NGO withdraws 128 girls from child marriages

FAMILIES are Nations has withdrawn 128 girls aged between 13 to 18 years from early marriages in Chief Munkonchi’s area in Kapiri Mposhi.
Families are Nations president Judith Mwila said the girls were withdrawn from the marriages in October 2017 when First Lady Esther Lungu launched the campaign to end child marriage in Kapiri Mposhi and during the first quarter of 2019.
“So far we have managed to identify and retrieve 128 girls from early marriages. Out of these, 28 are back in school. There is another 54 we are still talking to,” Mrs Mwila said.
She said in an interview that of the victims of early marriages, 13 girls were below the ages of 14 and some were in the age range 15 to 17 years.
Mrs Mwila said since October 2017, Families are Nations has been conducting door-to-door campaigns on the challenges that come with early marriages.
She said the girls who are being retrieved from the marriages are counselled together with their families.
“In the village, when a girl attains the age of 14, she is viewed as being mature enough for marriage.
“The organisation also offers trainings on financial literacy and skills development to empower the girls,’’ she said.
Mrs Mwila also said according to a snap survey conducted in Kapiri Mposhi, poverty and divorce usually cause girls to opt for early marriages.
She said her organisation has 35 zone managers and is working with Chief Munkonchi and Chief Nkole, 65 village headmen and women and church leaders.