NGO boosts SMEs

A TOTAL of 14 small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) have benefited from over K73, 000 disbursed by the New Apostolic Church Relief Organisation this year.
The groups from Kafue’s Shantumbu,Chongwe’s cholwe and Lusaka’s Manyika are expected to be be empowered through their respective businesses
NACRO executive director Tebuho Yubai said beneficiaries are from three districts have benefited under the organisation’s microfinance project which aims at empowering groups running small businesses in rural areas.
“Under the  microfinance project, we have had a number of groups benefiting which compose enterprenurs  Kafue, Chongwe and Lusaka. We helped them form groups of seven to 10 members.
“…We also came in so that they can understand that they need to do business to empower themselves and improve their living standards,” he said in an interview last week.
Mr Yubai said the SMEs were trained on how to come up with a business idea, how to find market for their products and how to handle finanaces.
The SMEs were helped to identify their local environment where they are to look at which businesses they can venture in, look at cash crops, and sustainability of the idea.
He said after identifying some proposals from the groups trained and were given some  capital with a call to pay back because it is a revolving fund so that others can benefit.
The minimum amount disbursed was K5,200 per group with K69,348 being recovered from the total disbrubed money, representing almost 95 percent. The remaining five percent is expected to be recovered before the end of the year.

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