Letter to the Editor

Newspapers should be compulsory in schools, public institutions

Dear editor,
I WISH to use this important medium to urge Government to create a way in which public institutions such as schools, lodges and hotels should be compelled to buy and provide newspapers for staff members and clients to read through.

Newspapers are a primary way through which vital information is shared. However, it saddens me to see people miss out on a lot of opportunities simply because they did not read a newspaper or even listen to the news on radio and television.
Besides political news, which I agree is not appealing to many readers even though it usually occupies front pages, newspapers carry a lot of information that is socially, economically and academically important for most of the country’s citizens.
Information on government scholarships to study abroad, job opportunities, and private sector partnerships is usually carried in the country’s daily newspapers.
Other than being rich in content, newspapers are also relatively cheap, especially if it is an organisation buying, and can be easily passed on from one reader to another.
Besides, creating such a habit could also create a better reading culture and improve the literacy levels of the citizens, and once such a habit is passed on to the young generation, our country will have a well- informed population that can ultimately contribute to the economic growth and development of the country.

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