Letter to the Editor

‘News analyst’ should stop attacking President

Dear editor,
I JOIN other citizens who have expressed alarm, displeasure, disappointment and anger at the virulent attacks on our republican President, Edgar Lungu, by one failed journalist masquerading as a ‘news analyst’ using an anti-government private television station as his platform.

This unkempt, self-styled ‘media expert’ lamentably failed to perform at a Government-owned daily newspaper some years ago and had to resign on his own after working for less than two years.
Those who are familiar with this man’s past in the journalism fraternity know what I am talking about.
He has suddenly resurfaced claiming to be a ‘news analyst’ and ‘media expert’ and is making un-researched, openly defamatory comments about the President and other government leaders every time he appears on TV.
This is not press freedom but a gross abuse of the media to champion a narrow political agenda.
Some of the man’s inarticulate, un-researched and disdainful remarks – which are actually in poor English – amount to defamation of the President. This is a criminal offence under our country’s Penal Code.
Let this man sober up and use civil language because he has been slandering the President under the guise of ‘news analysis’.
He should know that President Lungu has friends, relatives and supporters who feel hurt and may be compelled to defend him in any way they deem fit.

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