New ways of promoting agro insurance

A United States-based economic fellow at Stanford University says enhancing uptake of insurance cover by small-scale farmers in Africa can only be achieved if mechanisms that favour the farmers are put in place.
Lorenzo Casaburi, who is a post-doctorial fellow, cited financial institutions financing insurance cover for farmers as ways of promoting insurance in the agriculture sector.
Dr Casaburi said while insurance remains critical in cushioning the impact of  poor  crop production and harvest , many famers particularly, small-scale who are the most hit during a  crisis, have not taken up insurance due to financial constraints during the planting and before crop harvesting.
“Many times farmers are asked to pay premiums when they do not have money, especially before harvesting their produce. But developing mechanisms that allow financial institutions to pay premiums on behalf of the farmers and allows them to pay after selling their crops, will enable more farmers to access insurance,” he said.

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