Letter to the Editor

New Petauke school makes old Chizzy look like a relic

Dear editor,
THE launch of the Edgar Lungu Technical Secondary School in Petauke is a welcome move as it will enhance access to education as well as spruce up the area.
Petauke is becoming an education centre, going by the number of facilities there, ranging from secondary to colleges and universities.
The downside is that the new school will make other existing schools such as Chizongwe Technical Secondary School, the pride of the province, look like relics.
On behalf of former Chizongwe Technical Secondary School pupils, I am appealing to President Lungu to personally help mobilise resources for the rehabilitation and upgrading of Chizongwe.
The school has a special place in Eastern Province and deserves attention to retain its touch.
Despite its relic state, it has continued producing outstanding results at Grade 12.
Most former pupils are still involved in fundraising to help retouch one or two areas.
However, the contribution by former pupils is almost a drop in the ocean given the work required to bring back the school to its former self.

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