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New MPs should not forsake voters

Dear editor,
I COMMEND the political parties that participated in the just ended five by-elections for having exhibited a bit of change in the political campaign strategies. The campaign teams for once addressed the electorate with more issue-based messages than character assassination.
The campaigns were also free of violence; which is a plus for our growing democracy, though there could have been a few incidents that could have gone unnoticed.
My only concern is the voter apathy that marred most polling stations.
This needs quick redress so that Zambia is governed on the majority voters’ decisions.
Zambians should be encouraged to exercise their voting right to have a say on who leads us instead of leaving the decision to the minority.
It is now time for the new MPs to go to Parliament and be their people’s messengers.
They must be a bridge between the government and the electorate since we can only have one representative in the august House at a time.
Get back to the people and give them feedback.
The same humility exhibited when begging for votes will be expected of you always.
Let your new portfolios not be tickets to getting away from your constituencies. The messages were clear; we now need actions through work.

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