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New freedom, liberation movement

Dear editor,
IT IS unique, creative and hands-on. It is life-changing.
It is a local tourism promotion event! Entrepreneurs create wealth.
2020 Smoke that Thunders Excursion and Boot Camp -The smoke that thunders Boot Camp, Livingstone @ Golden Days Lodge – Livingstone, July 3-5, 2020.
Awaken from your slumber all you young people. This is the new freedom and liberation movement. Stop parroting, regurgitating and copy-catting habits, knowledge, dietary habits, fashion, hype and swag!
Stop pointing accusing fingers, stop whining, stop the regret, stop the victim mode, and get down to hard work!
Stop living on tax payers’ money – Aid. Stop the hate of Chinese – they are just very good entrepreneurs, whereever they go. Let us roll up our sleeves and employ our people!
Games, tours, entertainment, entrepreneurship boot camp.