‘New districts key for development’

RUFUNSA council secretary Fraser Chipili has described the creation of new districts as a practical implementation of decentralisation.
Mr Chipili said the creation of Rufunsa district has entailed more resources channelled to the new district and creation of employment.
“This is a practical way of implementing the decentralisation policy. The creation of new districts has enabled a lot of services closer to the people,” he said in an interview yesterday.
“Before creation of the new district, money which was allocated to Chongwe district was being shared between Chongwe and Rufunsa, but Rufunsa now has its own allocation, which means more money,” Mr Chipili said.
“Also, more jobs have been created. Where there was one council secretary, there are now two, and where there was one DEBS [district education board secretary], there are now two.”
Mr Chipili said Rufunsa residents were travelling long distances to Chongwe for services but that these have now been brought close to their doorsteps.
He also noted that the creation of new districts has led to infrastructure development.
“Where new districts have been created, Government is putting up new infrastructure. Here, the construction of a civic centre and 10 initial staff houses are ongoing,” Mr Chipili said.
“Zesco is also putting up a very big sub-station and building six high-cost staff houses. So the creation of new districts must continue, this is the way to go,” he said.
Rufunsa, which was part of Chongwe, was declared a district by President Sata in August 2012.
And Chief Mpanshya of Rufunsa has equally commended President Sata for declaring Rufunsa a district.
“The creation of Rufunsa district was a very good idea which I greatly appreciate. Instead of going to Chongwe, I now get my pay from Rufunsa and the same goes for government workers,” he said.
Meanwhile, Chief Mpanshya has appealed to Government to put up a tower in Rufunsa to improve communication in the district.
Chief Mpanshya said the mobile telephone network in the area is poor, hence the need for a communication tower.

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