Letter to the Editor

Nevers Mumba’s arrest lesson for all

Dear editor,
FORMER MMD president Nevers Mumba has politically made mistake after mistake and in the end, he has lost everything, including his Pentecostal Victory Ministry. Now he’s pleading with poor Zambians to go on hunger strike on his behalf for his misdeeds after he was arrested for criminal trespass.
The fundamental feeling is that he has failed to win the hearts and minds of the Zambian population in the political circles. He underestimated the intelligence and will of the people, and the credit must go to the peace-loving people for ignoring and rubbishing his pleas to either go on hunger strike on his behalf or rise against President Lungu and the ruling party, PF (‘Nevers calls for hunger strike’ – Sunday Nation, September 11, 2016).
The arrest of Mumba must serve as a lesson and a warning to other UPND top leaders who are still hiding behind the illusion of democratic and constitutional rights while they continue to provocatively rabble-rouse and agitate for anarchy in the country. For many peace-loving Zambians, the arrest of Mumba represents a victory for peace over UPND post-election violence.
I am confident that President Lungu will be able to pull the country together and move it forward in spite of the deep resentment towards him from a huge segment of society. I strongly believe that neither HH nor GBM can pull this once citadel of southern Africa out of the current political quagmire.
All in all, Zambians need a God-fearing leader who loves the country and her people; not desperate politicians that can go to any length to get what they want, by hook or crook.
At this stage, Zambians need a healer to the deep post-election divisions and a visionary and resolute leader.

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