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Never take someone’s love for granted

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
IT IS never advisable to take someone for granted, in any kind of relationship.
A relationship is about give and take but some people always want to take and never give to their colleagues.
Giving is not just about material things, but it could be emotional support or making an effort towards making a relationship work.
It should never be one-sided because the one who is always bending backwards to make things work gets tired at some point.
A woman had been in a relationship for almost five years with a man who gave empty promises of marriage. Regardless of what he did, she would always forgive him and the two would start anew.
He would not take her out or introduce her to his close friends or family. He had one excuse after another for not doing so. At one time, the man was seen in a compromising mood with another woman but claimed it was his cousin. Such incidences went on for a while until she got to a point where she could not take it anymore.
She decided to walk out of the relationship though some friends told her she could not give up on the five years that she had invested in the relationship. She could not care less, what she wanted was to be happy.
The man pleaded with her not to give up on the relationship because he still loved her. He promised to change but she had heard these words one too many times. She did not want to be miserable any more as she had a whole world out there that she needed to live to the fullest.
She moved on and met someone else. All this while, the man continued pleading with her but her mind was made up. She saw a complete difference between her former boyfriend and the current one. The current one was so proud of her that he introduced her to the whole world including his family. She initially found it strange but got to realise that that is how a normal relationship is expected to be.
Even when she was with her current boyfriend, her former boyfriend continued to call her asking her to reconcile with him because he had realised that he lost a good woman.
Her former boyfriend finally came to terms with reality that the woman was serious this time and was not returning to him. He sees her time and again with her current boyfriend and wishes he could turn back the time. This is what happens when you think you can come and go in people’s lives and expect them to be at a standstill and wait to be appreciated.
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