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Never be a slave to alcohol

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
NEVER should you ever be a slave to alcohol. If you let that happen, you risk losing your property together with your loved ones and yourself.
While taking a walk one evening, I observed a man staggering and making frantic effort not to lose his balance. As I got closer, I realised it was a man in the neighbourhood who once rode in a decent vehicle.

Emotions gripped me as I watched him stagger home as he sang a song on top of his voice. He was in another world. I stared at him as he disappeared to take the turn that led to his house. Though he was out of my sight, I could still hear his not so fantastic voice.

My journalistic instincts got the better of me and from what I gathered, the once brilliant man had turned to the bottle for reasons best known to himself. His wife left him as she could no longer tolerate his drinking habits. She tried to put him in check to an extent of hitting him with a stick whenever he returned home drunk.
The woman thought that would bring the man back on track, but alas, she was worsening the situation and perpetuating violence.
In his drunken state, she would lash him and use unpalatable words to express her anger. She would complain that his love for the bottle drove the family into poverty. Those whom the family owed money grabbed whatever they could lay their hands on to sell them and recover their money.
Their car was gone, most of the household goods were gone and the children were not able to attend school because their father, who was the sole breadwinner, placed alcohol above anything else.
In his heyday, the man had a well-paying job and ill-treated the wife. He would beat her whenever she was not happy about his spending habits. Upon retiring, he blew up his retirement package. He was having a ‘good’ time.
He ran out of money but because he was addicted to alcohol, he continued drinking although he turned to a cheaper brand.
The best the wife could have done is to help her husband seek help as opposed to inflicting violent on him, especially in his drunken state. Well, one may understand her frustrations, but did her resolve to being violent help better the situation? Of course not. At the end of it all, she suffered, the children suffered and the man is also suffering though he contributed to the anguish of his family.
Never ever make alcohol rule over you and do not be ashamed to seek help.
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